Zohrab’s name is synonymous in Jordan with beautiful photography and stunning images. He is the country’s best-known photographer and has a remarkable portfolio that ranges across all types of photography, from people to high profile events to landscapes.

His story began with a competition of flower photography in Jordan in 1974, which was held under the patronage of Queen Alia. Zohrab’s entry clinched the first prize, for which he received a Canon camera and a step into an amazing and exciting journey that has led him to where he is today. “After the competition Their Majesties called me to their residence and asked me to become their official photographer,” said Zohrab.

Impressed with his work, Her Majesty the late Queen Alia suggested sending Zohrab abroad to hone his photography skills at a specialized school. Tragically, she passed away two weeks later; however, His Majesty the late King Hussein, determined to fulfill her wishes, supported the development of Zohrab’s career by sending him to the Germaine School of Photography in Manhattan in 1977 for two years. Zohrab excelled throughout his studies, receiving several prizes from the school during his time there and graduating with numerous honorary certificates.

Back in Jordan, Zohrab traveled all over the world with His Majesty the late King Hussein as the official palace photographer, working with him for 22 years. In due time, Zohrab presented the King with a book of photographs, the first of many to follow. “King and Country”, one of his renowned books, was an instant hit. Zohrab’s name was firmly established.

Since then, several of his images have been published in renowned magazines such as Newsweek, Time, People Magazine and other international publications. His photographs have also featured in a number of exhibitions around the world, including Amman, London, Los Angeles and Japan. To date Zohrab has published 15 books about Jordan and the Royal Family, and established three Jordanian magazines.

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  1. Malak Mahadin says:

    Beyond Beautiful, you have taken a great pictures…this is Art and true masterpiece… Congratulations dear Zohrab.

  2. Firas Abu Naffa'a says:

    Dear Master Zohrab, Words could not express what i have just saw. I know your pictures, you took great pictures for me, i just adore your Art. Wish you all the best, because you are “The BEST”

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